SportHobby and Professional Athletes swear by FitLine.


The FitLine series will help you perform at your peak every day, just like the Professional athletes that use them. They do not just provide an optimum supply of nutrients, but also optimum safety.

FitLine is proud to have 33 medal winners at the Winter Olympic Games in 2014, which would place FitLine 2nd behind Russia in the national rankings.

We have being working closely with various sporting associations, national teams and world-class athletes for many years. Among our partners are the German and Austrian Skiing Associations (DSV and ÖSV), the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB), the Association of German Cyclists (BDR) and the German Nordic Walking and Rollerblade Association (DNV).

The quality of our sports foods and our exemplary support in top sports also led to Austria's Sport Aid recommending our nutrition products to the almost 500 athletes they support.

As a company, we have voluntarily agreed to have every batch of the FitLine products tested for doping-relevant anabolic steroids/prohormones and stimulants.