RewardsYour start into risk-free self-employment: part or full time.

Distribution System

PM-International does not sell its high-quality supplements and cosmetics via normal retailers, but only through Direct Sales.

That means we give our products to our Team Partners and they sell them to their customers, the final consumers. The advantages of this system are clear. Because there are no wholesalers or middlemen, they don't take any of the profits. Our Team Partners benefit from that; their margins are not restricted by markups for wholesalers.

Our Team Partners do not need costly business space. They can carry out most of their work from home and decide for themselves when they want to work.

Additional Benefits

Dream Car
Dream Car

A luxury car paid for by the company — who wouldn't want that? PM-International offers all its self-employed Team Partners an opportunity to lease the car of their dreams at especially favorable rates from one of its participating car dealers.

Depending on the Marketing Plan Position you have attained, PM-International will pay some, or even all, of your leasing payments. Among others, models are available from VW, Audi, Mini, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes Benz.

Dream Vacations
Dream Vacations

Yes, experience fantastic beaches, blazing sunshine, crystal clear water, unforgettably romantic sunsets, vacation with friends, and relaxation with PM-International's travel incentives — as soon as you qualify, you will be rewarded.

Every PM travel incentive is unique, from the most coveted resorts in Europe on the World Tour to exotic destinations worldwide. Some will even go to Rolf and Vicki Sorg's private villa on the Cote d'Azur of Saint Tropez, France — "We are PM!"

Retire in Style
Retire in Style

As a family-run company, we don't take social security for our Team Partners in their old age for granted. Together, with one of the World's largest insurers, we have developed a unique pension plan model. As soon as a certain Marketing Plan Position has been reached, you have an opportunity to set up an additional pension for yourself via PM-International.

We will cover half of your contributions. Depending on the Marketing Plan Position you have reached, this can be up to a $800 match per month. That means you can achieve the incredible return of over 100 percent on their investment.

The pension is received as soon as you have reached the necessary retirement age — as either a lump sum or as monthly payments.

Future Investment
Future Investment

Success in direct sales does not come by chance. Those showing extraordinary success deserve to be supported in a special way. That is why PM-International provides its Team Partners with ongoing trainings and sales academies. They serve to transfer know-how and experience, motivate to further success and support the development direct selling skills.

The very best among PM-International meet one another at a special Leadership Training once a year. Here, the elite in direct sales meet amongst themselves to share their experiences at the highest level.

This Leadership Training is available to all Team Partners who have already reached an elevated level within the sales organization of PM-International.

Become A Team Partner

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It is up to you what you order and how much money you spend. Turn a very small expense into a lifetime of income.

Our 150,000 successful Team Partners worldwide prove that this system works, they do it every day.