CultureWe are committed to making the world a better place.

Social Commitment

PM-International is also committed to making the world a better place beyond its day-to-day business. In the course of long-term cooperation with the aid organization World Vision, PM has built up its number of active child sponsorships for children in need to over 500, some now on every continent in the World.

Child Friendly Space

"Everyone with PM is helping to make a better life possible for people on the other side of the world: our customers and our business partners. Into every product we have calculated a contribution that is donated. That means our wellness and cosmetics products help improve the quality of life of people here and also there. We are making it possible for those children to get an education and gain access to medical care and helping whole village communities long term: aid to self aid," Rolf Sorg said and his wife Vicki added, "and it is great to see how everyone is pulling together, and what we have already achieved."